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Liz Ferry for Montgomery County Commissioner

Advocating for Reducing Taxes, Protecting Open Spaces, Attracting Business & More

Meet Liz Ferry A Devoted Public Servant Dedicated to Serving the Community

As a resident of Montgomery County for thirty years, Liz Ferry has dedicated her life's work to serving her community.

From enlisting as a Torpedoman's Mate in the United States Naval Reserves to serving as a township commissioner in Upper Dublin, Liz believes in public service and a strong work ethic.

She has spent her career working in both the public and private sectors, so she understands the issues facing businesses and residents, most recently working for the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, advocating for job growth and helping bring companies to the region.

As the only Republican on a seven-panel board of Commissioners, Liz has successfully worked to reduce taxes, protect open space, and find innovative ways to promote economic development within the Fort Washington Office Park while reducing congestion.

Previously, Liz served on the Montgomery County parks and historic sites board as well as the county transportation board. She also has a master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania's Fels Center of Government and graduated from the Anne Anstine Excellence in Public Service Series. Liz has served as a Republican Committeewoman in her township for the past twenty years.

She and her husband Andy are the proud parents of two grown children, Jane, who lives in Philadelphia and is a talented artist, and Charlie, who is proudly serving in the U.S. Army. She is a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Ambler.


Reducing Taxes and Stopping Excessive Spending

The Montgomery County Board of Commissioners passed an FY22 budget with an 8 percent property tax increase! Enough is enough. Despite being the only Republican on a seven-panel board, as Township Commissioner, Liz worked to pass budgets with no or reduced tax increases by working across the aisle to reduce expenses. The county needs to live within its means and stop excessive spending.

Keeping our Communities Safe

As a township commissioner, I regularly meet with officials from throughout the county and increasingly am hearing concerns from the law enforcement community about a process that was implemented in 2020 by the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners to create a so-called pre-trial services unit that reduces bail for criminals, letting them walk free to repeat their criminal behavior again – much like what is happening in Philadelphia. As County Commissioner, I will end this program and support the important work of our law enforcement community and District Justices.



We are writing to express our strong support for Liz Ferry for Montgomery County Commissioner. Liz has over 20 years' experience serving as a committee person and 7 years as a current township commissioner in Upper Dublin. As the only Republican on a 7-member board, she has successfully worked to pass conservative no tax increase budgets, fight for fair elections, and modernize outdated government services. 
Liz Ferry shares our Conservative Republican values. Additionally, she served our country in the United States Navy, worked on economic development issues for the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, and served in the 24th PA Senate office of Rob Wonderling. We hope you'll support Liz for County Commissioner. She's a winning candidate who has a proven track record of getting results.
Rick Buckman - Retired Montgomery County Commissioner 
Stewart Greenleaf, Jr., - Former Montgomery County Controller
Kate Harper - Retired State Representative 61st District 
Bob Mensch - Retired State Senator 24th District 
Tracy Pennycuick - State Senator 24th District 
Donna Scheuren - State Representative 147th District 
Marcy Toepel - Retired State Representative 147th District 
Rob Wonderling - Retired State Senator 24th District 

Merry Woods - Montgomery County Jury Commissioner 

In today’s second hour, Dom welcomes Upper Dublin Commissioner Liz Ferry onto the Dom Giordano Program to discuss a program implemented by Montgomery County Commissioner Valerie Arkoosh, hoping to reframe criminal justice in a similar manner to Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner. Commissioner Ferry tells about a program that’s concerning law enforcement in the County instituted in July of 2020 that reforms bail, reducing bail to incredibly low amounts or nothing, allowing criminals to walk free. Ferry gives more information on the new edict, providing an example of how the low cash bail has played out in a case involving child abuse.

Protecting our Open Spaces

Ensuring our remaining open and green spaces are preserved is important if we are to protect our quality of life and our environment and reduce congestion. The county needs to do a better job of listening to and working with local municipalities and residents about their long-term open space goals and ideas for development. As Township Commissioner, Liz helped protect open space from development and preserved a former local golf course as a natural space for residents to enjoy. She also works to reduce development density and steer development to commercial corridors.

Election Integrity

Citizens must have confidence in our electoral system and election results. One of the most important roles of county government is to safeguard the electoral process. Commissioners need to do more to ensure secure locations, better monitoring, and make sure only eligible voters receive mail-in ballots. 

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Modernize our Transportation Infrastructure

The county must ensure that its 133 bridges and 75 miles of roadways are safe and reliable. Liz will work closely with municipalities to ensure bridges are safe and fixed in a timely manner so residents, trucks, and buses don't have to be rerouted. In addition, as township commissioner, Liz introduced new and innovative ways to improve the flow of traffic at intersections to ease congestion and initiated traffic calming ideas to reduce speeding.

Business Attraction

Helping small and big businesses grow and thrive is paramount if we want to grow jobs and help boost our economy. Liz has worked to attract businesses and jobs to this region and help retain companies. She has worked with site selectors and real estate professionals to bring companies to this region to grow jobs. Montgomery County needs to do more to support local economic development partners instead of wasting resources on department bureaucracies.

Veterans & Military Personnel

As the mother of a son currently serving in the U.S. Army, the spouse of a retired Army Warrant Officer, and a former Naval reservist, Liz has a deep appreciation of the sacrifice and commitment the men and women who serve in our military make every day. We should honor them and keep our commitments to the veterans who served this great nation.

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